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DOJ arrests dozens in college admissions bribery scandal, involving elite schools, famous parents


Federal agents Tuesday arrested dozens, including athletic coaches, parents and others involved in an alleged national university admissions scandal where a multi-million dollar fixer helped get the children of the rich and famous into elite schools by cheating on college entrance exams and faking athletic recruiting talents. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) stated that for nearly a decade, a for-profit not-for-profit stating it helped underprivileged children get access to a college education in fact did the very opposite, helping the rich, privileged and famous get their children – who weren’t smart enough or athletic enough on their own – get into some of the most exclusive universities in the country.

That was the apparent modus operandi of William “Rick” Singer, who owned and operated the Edge College & Career Network LLC – a for-profit college counseling and preparation business – and served as the CEO of the Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF) – a non-profit corporation that he established as a purported charity. To read the full DOJ announcement, click here. To read a list of defendants and updated case status, click here. (Suite).


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